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“Filling a space in a beautiful way – that is what art means to me.” – Georgia O’Keeffe

Blanc Space Art streamlines the art selection process by curating the perfect collection to complete our clients’ design vision. Blanc Space draws from a rich and ever-evolving network of artists to source pieces that elevate each intended interior, be it residential, hospitality, or commercial.

From novel discoveries to timeless classics, we thrive on our ability to match our clients’ vision with the perfect piece of art.

our process

Blanc Space owns every detail of delivery. Our team executes all items from sourcing to purchasing, framing to installation with ease and efficiency – all behind the scenes to ensure the curation experience is exactly what it should be, simple and fun. 

Blanc Space provides significant savings and extensive options, while taking care of purchasing and production, enabling our clients to delight in the art selection process rather than stress.

Bruce James Blanc Space Art Founder

Bruce James – Founder

As Founder of Blank Space Art, Bruce James oversees all aspects of art selection and delivery. His fascination with art and artists was born at 5 years old, when he’d spend long afternoons watching his father paint vibrant portraits in his Los Angeles studio. Bruce’s appreciation of art coupled with his sharp skills in project management led him to found Blanc Space Art, the ideal platform to bring together talented artists, brilliant design, and art lovers alike.

Nina Firestone – Co-Founder

As Co-Founder of Blanc Space Art, Nina Firestone draws on her experience in fashion and interior design to bring artistry and attention to detail to every project she oversees. A natural (and unrivaled) organizer, Nina adores every aspect of art selection, sourcing, and installation. Her commitment to seamlessly realize the potential of a space ensures that every wall she fills comes to life in just the way her clients desire.

Nina Firestone Blanc Space Art Co-Founder

Notable Partners

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Blanc Space Art Client Logo Vespera Resort Pismo
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